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Decisions: Can’t keep them all (Part 4)(MPC Live)

Feeling the odd man out

I don’t know what it is about the MPC, but I always have one in my studio.  I’ve owned the 2000, 1000, 2500, 5000 and now the Live (never had the 4000…hmm.).   In the gaps between when I haven’t had one….I’ve always found myself lusting for one.  I even have the MPCPro iOS app on my iPad (for when I need a fix on the train).   I guess that makes me an addict.

So here we have the Live, which I’ve had for a good 6 months now.   I hate to say that this is the hardest review to write so far because…well….despite having it for 6 months, it hasn’t seen much action.   I poked it a bit the first days I had it.  Then Reason 10 was released and I became suddenly obsessed with software workflows based around that and Kong.  While I’ve been doing that, this lovely box has largely been gathering dust.

And that is a damn shame!  By all accounts, it’s the MPC I’ve been waiting for.   Battery power, HUGE RAM, better FX, touch screen interface…why haven’t I been using this?  Why has it not become the center of my rig as MPC’s have in the past?

Part of it is definitely the UI.  I don’t know why, but despite a touch interface, I often find myself getting lost trying to find what I’m looking for.   While the touch screen promises a simpler interface, this is one case where the old way was better.   I could *fly* around the older MPCs since their operation had changed little since the 80s.   The live upsets that rhythm (as I imagine the X does as well).

I feel like I haven’t really given this box enough of a fair shake to pass judgement on it, though…which is making me second guess this entire exercise.   I think I need to really force myself to use this deep beast and build something with it.  Or maybe I should take the last 6 months of non-use as a sign that I’m never going to use it?

Let me know in the comments what you think I should do.

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