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Your criticism is valid

For me, seeing how an artist creates something is very interesting. In the case of music, getting to listen to the intermediate versions and early mixes really gets me thinking about my own creative process. For that reason, I often like to share things I’ve created that I don’t yet consider done. I like to get the feedback, even if it’s only as much as “I like it” or “Nice beat, I give it a 7”. Criticism as unsophisticated and ham fisted as “it’s shit, give up.” is also useful because, sometimes that’ is absolutely accurate and true.
I am, however, selective in who I choose to share with. If you get a link from me asking for a listen it’s because I care about your opinions on music, art, whatever. You may not be a fan of the style of music I create, but I don’t ask that you be. I’m looking for your outsiders opinion.
Anyway, I thank you for listening. I’m feeling like I got my groove back a little bit, so expect some more stuff to come.
I’m not going to say I’m working on an album, because that creates a certain artistic pressure to create. I’m just going to do it one song at a time for a while and see if I end up with something listenable.

A series of thoughts

1 – I wish EMU hadn’t been purchased by Creative Labs and had continued to make hardware samplers. I’d love to see what a modern Emulator would be like with all the advances in CPU and processing power. What would their octatrack or MPC Live be like?

2 – There is a whole in my workflow that I need to fill. I get a few parts put together in the hardware and I play around with it…but recording it feels like such a god damn chore. Taking it to that next step in the process feels…ugly. Need to think on this.

3 – I’m building a fire pit in my back yard. Fire good.

4 – I recently was recording a thunderstorm when I realized it had started to hail. My car was in the driveway getting pelted by the hail, and I had to rush out to the garage, move a bunch of woodworking tools, and then run out in the pouring rain and hail to get my car out of it. I recorded all of this. It needs to be a song.

5 – As soon as I think about selling the Roland V-Synth GT, I start playing with it and realize why that would be a terrible idea.

6 – I don’t want to sell my Virus TI2 Dark Start when I’m not playing it, but when I do, I always feel like I should probably let it go. But I never do.

7 – The Korg Kronos is the shit.

8 – Drum machines rule.

9 – Roland gear is insufferably complex.

10 – I need a vacation.

Updates for everyone!

In case you’ve lost track of me, I am still actually here making music. I’ve been too busy to blog, actually, and that’s been a good thing.

A few personal updates:

– I’ve decided not to move. As such, my studio needs an inauguration as *my* place. It is the place that my studio will be for at least the next 10 years. What shall I call it?

– my work has been crazy, but I’m feeling good about it.

– I am cleaning the fuck out of my house. It’s a lot of work, but I’m dedicating myself to living in the place I am. I am committing to it in a way I never have. This is awesome and terrifying.

– I’ve been doing more written word writing than music, but I’ve still got ideas.

– I kinda really want to have a band again.

That’s all for now. Much to do, much to do.


I’m planning to move all of my SoundCloud broadcast tracks to BandCamp.  Does anyone know if there is a time or track limit I may run into?  I’d like to just create one big collection album for all of my R=C broadcast work rather than creating a separate page for each (though future broadcasts will get their own individual pages).

What are my readers thoughts on this?



Broadcast / Jam rig

It’s been over a year since the last time I did a broadcast, and I think it’s time for another. I’ve been thinking about this since I optimized my setup.

The staples of my broadcast rig will remain intact: Octatrack and Modular. I’ll use the Analog Rytm as the drum machine since,’s the only one I have left! I’d think about putting the iPad back in service for the broadcasts. That could be fun.
Essentially, I’m creating a live rig, aren’t I?
And If I do that…why don’t I figure out how to do live shows with it?

Studio Diary – 2017-01-01


I took a blogging hiatus for the last couple of weeks while I was on vacation. The end of 2016 was not a good time. I don’t even know where to begin with that, so I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Musically, though, things are going pretty well. The album continues to take shape, with 4 songs now in the pipeline. Two of them are very firm in my mind and the other two are sketches. Good concepts that I need to give form. My muse seems to be with me for the first time in forever, and I am doing what I can to make the most of it.

I am really driven to collaborate more on this album than the last. I want others involved. Unfortunately, everyone is so god damn *busy* it seems like direct interaction is going to be difficult, if not impossible. It’s damn frustrating.

On another front, I’ve started getting back into the eurorack rat race as I tweak some of my modulars configuration. Man, that market moves fast! So much stuff has come out in the year and a half I took a hiatus that I’m almost totally at a loss to catch back up. I’m finding that I’m really only looking at manufacturers I knew before, who’s modules I loved and trusted before. The one exception is Mutable Instruments, who’s clouds and tides modules are pretty fun, and I’d like to add their Warps module to the setup.

I’m really looking forward to having some sounds to play for everyone. I think you’re going to enjoy them.