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I’ve been gone a while.  I’m back.  Update to come.


So work has begun on a new album.  Yes…again.  I trashed the last one because it just sounded too….meh.  Uncomposed and messy.  A bit too much into the experimental realm without enough real ‘songs’.  The new effort will be different.

For workflow, I am focusing, again, on the modular…but this time I will be adding the Korg Kronos to the mix and probably the Octatrack.  All the other gear will, I am sure, have it’s appearances, but that is going to be the core.

My goal is to have something done and ready to push out after the first of the year, possibly in February.  6 songs.  I have two written and sketches for the rest.   I’ve also got a working title, but I’ll save that for later…