Quarantine Project – 2020:04:11

Last Saturday, I finally started streaming again. The setup was simple, with 90% of what is in the recording coming from my Akai Force and the rest being improvised by me on the Korg Wavestate.

First off, I am really amazed at the sound quality of the Akai Force. You can take an entire stereo mix off it’s main outputs, and it sounds very good. Unless I do something obviously stupid with the gain staging, the image is pretty clear, even with a little of the air reverb (which, while not as good as what my Lexicon can do, it does the job).

The play interface for the Force is also very well suited to live work. I was able to control the whole set from there. A few things were a little awkward, but that was more my learning curve in setting it up showing rather than a failing of the device. It can be highly customized for what you want to do live. The q-link knobs are particularly flexible. I’m taking a lot of notes on how to do this better next time.

And there will be a next time. I’ve already started planning how to turn this into a series and, in two weeks, I’m hoping to formally launch this as a series of live set iterations. More on that when I have more to say. For now, please enjoy the audio from the set above.

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