Quick Shot: Behringer Neutron

I’d never really played with an analog modular synth until I had a trifecta of amazing instruments in my studio on-loan from a friend while he lived in Europe. These synths were the Cwejman S1 mk2, Macbeth M5 and an Evenfall Minimodular. (I’d had both Clavia modulars, but they are very different experience). 
Of the three, oddly, the one that left the most impression was the Evenfall. It was small and light and just fun to play with. I spent hours making drone patches on it that I’d just let play in the background while I worked at my desk.
The Behringer Neutron reminds me a LOT of that experience. Its also small and light, but has far more on offer than the Evenfall did.   Its fun to just setup on it’s own and let it drone on for a bit, let it surprise you as it modulates away.  
I’ll echo what other have said, that the oscillators are very nice and worth the price by themselves.   The Filter is also really good and unique.    I don’t generally care for Overdrive and so I’ve mostly bybassed it (which you will want to do if you’re not using it).  The Delay is OK.
I’d also like to comment on its build quality.  Everyone seems to have it in their head that Behringer makes cheap crap that is made to fall apart.   I’m not so sure that’s the case here.  The knobs and switches feel as good as any I’ve played on any of my other eurorack modules (better, in some cases).  Do I think it will last 100 years? No…but what built in 2019 IS built to last that long?  It feels more rubust than the Minibrute 2S which is sitting next to it.
So, I’m excited to work with this little thing.  At a low cost, it gave me a lot more modular muscle to play with, and will integret seemlessly with the big rig.   I love it. Go get one.

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