Oscillating Wildly

I’ve got some holes to fill.

Trying to pick a Eurorack Oscillator is an annoying complicated decison.  There are so many of the fuckers flying around now that it’s hard to settle on just one.  This is made harder because it is for my Satellite case, which alread has the basic MiniBrute 2S oscillators to explore.  With the basics covered, I can go a little crazy and weird and if you’ve spent anytime in eurorack land, you already know…most of it is crazy and weird.

Making this harder is the fact that the Hex Inverter Mindphaser oscillator is not yet available.  I’ve been pining for it since announcemnt, and if it’s not released soon, we may have an international incident on our hands.

The first option, of course, is to raid my main case for modules.   That would just leave holes in the maincase I’d feel the need to fill, and I already really *like* the way that case is setup.   So lets just pretend that option is off the table.

On the more normal end of the spectrum, I’ve been tempted to pickup a couple cheap, old TipTop Audio Z3000 oscillators.   My first rig actually had two of these as it’s core and I really, really loved them.  Why did I move on?  Because case space was small back then and I was in full on experimental mode and the smash and grab was strong back then.   My one concern is depth, since those are older modules and this case is pretty shallow on the top row.  I’d have to find some depth specs first for certain.

Another option I’m really looking at is the Pittsburgh Lifeforms Primary Oscillator.  This one, I just find interesting.   I have a strange love for everything Pittsburgh makes, though I don’t have much of it for whatever reason.  I don’t like the look of the new stuff as much as their older, more traditional looking style, but the functionality at the price is hard to beat.   I like it, also, because its focus is on being crazy and not clean.

The final option I’ve been considering is an Intellijel Dixie II+.  I already have a Dixie II in the main case that I mainly use as an LFO or as a modulator for the Rubicon I have.   I think it would make a perfect ‘straight’ oscillator for the rig, but I may end up getting it for the main case and swapping the Dixie II to this case.

Speaking of the Rubicon, I could also get a Rubicon II.  I don’t know, though.  Kinda feel like I’m rewarding Intellijel a bit to much.  Their very quick cycles of discontinuing modules really tickes me off.   It’s a stupid personal gripe, and I really shouldn’t hold it against what is a great oscillator…but I do.

On the higher end, there is the Synthesis Technologies E352 Cloud Terrarium.  This oscillator looks absolutely amazing, and I’m sure it sounds amazing too.  It also has an amazing price and would take up a LOT of limited case space.  It also has a display and menu system which I am morally opposed to having in my eurorack.  Someday, I’ve just got to get over my principals.  This thing is so sick, I may just have to.

The last oscillator I’ve been considering, also of the higher end variety, is the Rossum Electronics Trident.  I don’t know where to begin with this one.   It’s big, crazy and very complete.   In fact, it probably deserves to be the centerpiece of a system all by itself.

This is quite a decision.  Oscillators are (usually) where the sound starts, so they are a defining piece of the modular puzzle.  I’m going to go watch some annoying alarm clock sounding YouTube videos and see if I can’t make up my damn mind.



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