Studio Blog – 2019-10-24

DrumBrute…I wish I could love you.

Sampling using dedicated hardware is fun.

Tonight, I built a drum kit on my MPC Live using the DrumBrute as a sound source. I did this the old school way where the audio output was plugged directly into the audio input of the MPC. No processing, just press record on the MPC and play the sound.

It was like going back to 1997 for me, working without a computer. It was very quick and physical, with the added efficiencies you get form working with a 7 inch touch screen.

And just because I’m nice, I’ve decided to share one of the kits I created. This is a very simple 16 sound kit. If you have an MPC Live, X or Akai Force, you can load the program into your system and go nuts with it. If you don’t have one of those, the samples are all .wav format (yay for standard file types).

Download it here: DrumBrute

Aside from that, I organized the studio a bit, dusted and cleaned and just generally made the workspace nicer. I think, someday, I need a bigger studio room.

This weekend, I’m going to actually do something with that kit I made.

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