Arturia RackBrute 6u

The RackBrute 6u satellite rig as it currently exists. Lots of empty space to work with.

As part of the MiniBrute 2S bundle, I received a RackBrute 6u. I’ve already moved some modules to it and had some sessions using it, the main Modular and the MiniBrute 2S. I’d say if you’re considering a Brute, the deal with the RackBrute is hard to pass up. In my case, doubly so, since I was able to unload the Monorocket case I was only half using.

So far, I’ve only got the overflow from my old rig contained inside. This consists of an STG Envelope and .Mix, a few multiples, a Mutable Veils VCA/mixer and a small sequencing setup consisting of an old Pittsburgh Modular 8 step Sequencer, Intellijel uStep and uScale II. I also put the Tip Top Audio Fold Professor and Evaton Technologies RF Nomad for a little fun.

My focus for this satellite rig, I think, will be to make a self contained system with a few oscillators (ideally 3) a few filters (ideally 2) and then enough modulation to make it interesting. I would like this to be the rig I take live or focus on in live sets.

Modular Grid rendering of the Satellite rig as-is.

For the oscillators, I’m on the fence about getting some big, complex oscillator like the Rossum Electronics Trident Triple oscillator or Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut mkIII, or going with multiple smaller, simpler oscillators, like 3 Intelijel Dixie II+ or Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary oscillator. I could also mix and match since I have the space.

Filters are a harder choice. In any system, really, it is the filters that determine the voice of the instrument. Having the Steiner Parker filter in the MiniBrute 2S, I’d like to get something smoother. Something that I don’t have represented. I’d love to find some dual filter topology to put in there. Possibly an Intelijel Morgasmatron or even an old Korgasmatron would do fine. I do miss my Doctor Octature mkII, and it would be nice to have one again. That one can also double as an awesome sine wave oscillator / modulation source.

Fortunately, there is no rush, and the second hand market for Eurorack has definitely turned to a buyers market. I don’t know that I’ll need to buy any of this stuff new.

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