Space..the final limitation.

For the last few days, I’ve been nursing a more than minor gear-boner for an Arturia MiniBrute 2S + RackBrute. I like the idea of setting that up next to the main modular and getting rid of my current overflow case, which would go a pretty good way to paying for it. I also like that there is a nice bundle available on that bundles the 2S, RackBrute and a case for the two. I have the idea in my head that I could take this simple rig with, perhaps, just the Akai Force to some undisclosed secret location and make music it on undisturbed by others for a weekend jam / retreat.

And that’s great. But honestly, I have no idea where I’d actually put it in the studio, particularly the case. I don’t have any large flat surfaces left, with the devices I have. There is the large space in front of the big modular where I could lay the case on its back, I suppose…but I’ve never really liked horizontal cases like that.

So I probably won’t get it because it just damned well won’t fit.


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