Happy Machines

Tonight, I gotta. Sold few hours in the studio uninterrupted. While, yes, I did putz away some time watch video of the ASM Hydra Synth and Roland MC707, I mostly stayed on task and accomplished what I wanted to. That involved getting the Axe FX III hooked up to the patch bay, and working on my latest track (titled ‘Ugly Machines pt 1’).

The track is a very dark one, that is right now centered around noise samples I picked up around the last few weeks / months. I love using found sounds layered with drum machines. I also found some very nice archive news footage to grab some vocal samples from. Processing these on the MPC live is just amazing good fun. On so many levels, that box is my dream sample mangler (well, so long as I don’t have an Octatrack).

Tomorrow night I’ll have my son, but after he’s in bed, I need to get some musical samples in there. The song needs more than just this one sweep from the Blofeld to make it a ‘song’ and not a ‘sound sculpture’. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do for that, yet. I’m sure it will come to me.

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