Creative Time

It will probably come as no surpise to anyone who reads my posts regularly (do you people exist?  I don’t actually think so.  I think i basically write this for myself.   Audience of none.) that I have been to busy to have any sort of creative time through the summer.   Now that summer is winding down, and my job switches to more of support rathter than development, I’ll have a bit more headspace for creativity.   Also, various other scheduling factors have given me one night a week from there till mid December where I will have….nothing scheduled.   I am promptly filling that with scheduled ‘studio time’ to work on… something?  A new release?   Whatever.  It’s play time, and that’s the extent of what I’ve planned.

I’m going to try blogging on that day as well to summarize what I worked on and just get my thoughts out on where it is all going.   Hopefully, Ill get a bandcamp release out of it.


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