The Setup

This is the live rig for 2019 broadcasts. This is going to be fun.

This weekend, I worked to finalize the live setup.  I’m pretty happy with how it’s come together. With this rig pictured above, I’ve got hands on control of just about everything.

The primary piece and principle instrument that I will be using is the MPC Live. It sits at the top of the MIDI chain, and will act as the clock and sequence master. Midi out A is going to the devices this a simple thru box. From there, I can run sequences on the Fantom XR or manually play the Blofeld or PolyEvolver.  The TR8s can run the beats.  The TR may seem a little redundant next to the MPC, but it’s usefull to have an independent control surface for the drums, since the MPC is doing so much already.

All devices will be in single and not multi mode and have unique channels assigned. The second output will go to the PC for keeping the clocks on the FX rig in time.

Audio is being mixed in two places. The first is the Mackie mixer pictured in the photo. The second is using the Axe FX III. The Mackie will handle most of the synthesizers, while the AXE will handle the modular and creating the master mix that gets broadcast and captured.

Over time, I’d like to move all of the show mixing to the Axe, but that will take some reconfiguration of the patch bay I don’t want to deal with now.

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