So…what am I going to do?

Picture of modular synthesizer.
They say you should always post a picture with your blog posts. This is it. Like it?

Getting back to the core function of this blog, lets talk about what’s going into planning the set I have planned for mid April.

The First thing that I need when I plan a performance is a concept. This is, without a doubt, the most pretentious part of the process. You can call it the idea phase, the inspiration phase…whatever. This is where I get an idea of what it is I want to attempt to express in my performance.

I don’t know how it is for other musicians, but for me, having a concept, message or image that I am trying trying to translate into musical form helps me to write. It gives me a sort of mental/emotional base to measure what I am doing against so that I’m not just off in the woods making noise (which, yes, actually does happen with purpose…this IS fucking ambient music, after all).

For April, I already have one track I’ve been working on that I will do another live performance of. Yes, this has already been posted and put out there (see my track Choice Paralysis on Sound Cloud). Fortunately, the concept I found fits in with that well.

A friend of mine posted a meme to his timeline about his depression. The meme described anhedonia, which according to Wikipedia means ‘the inability to feel pleasure’. Given other things going on, it seemed apt. So there, my concept and title is going to be 3 tracks (hopefully) that seem to fit with that. The first one is set. But what about the second and third?

The second track, I am still working on. I don’t have a title, but I know as much as that it’s going to be a sort of homage to my lost friend – a sort of requiem to a fallen space emperor. It needs to be warm and biological and…that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

The third track? No idea yet. I’ll have to wait for that one to hit me. One thing at a time though, as the second track still needs flesh.

In my next post, Ill discuss the net part of creating a set and tracks: Collecting audio assets. This is probably the most fun part.

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