Epiphany / Choice Paralysis

I spend a lot of time focusing on what I’m missing in my studio and in my tracks.  I think that’s part of being an artist, actually.  As you’re working on a piece, it’s your job to figure out what should be there and what shouldn’t.

I also have a serious issue with choice paralysis, getting hung up on simple binary choices that come up with production of music.  Maybe one of the reasons I’m hung up on finding a collaborator is so I can offload some of that choice and responsibility to someone else?  If that’s not revealing of a self esteem issue, I don’t know what is..

Maybe, at some point though, this prevents me from calling anything finished?  Maybe I’m the only one who hears the missing pieces?   Maybe I’m caught up on the weaknesses and not hearing the strengths?

Perhaps I just need to put more out there and hope for the best.

These are all things I need to think about a lot more.  Or maybe I need to stop thinking and start doing.

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