What does it take to be in a band?

  1. A skill you bring to the group which the group does not already posses
  2. An opinion or ‘vision’ you want to see realized
  3. The patience to realize that vision collectively
  4. A van helps, particularly if you’re a drummer

Someone asked me this question, and that’s all I can come up with.  Add more in the comments.


One thought on “What does it take to be in a band?”

  1. 1. Don’t be a douche.
    2. If you’re joining a band that’s already formed, don’t ego your way around. There’s plenty of egos there already.
    3. Don’t be a douche.
    4. Don’t expect a democracy. At best, you’ll have a benevolent dictatorship. At worst, you’ll have a douche.
    5. Don’t be a douche.


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