I am a Cactus

I’m sure there is a rational explaination for what happend to this cactus.  It probably has something to do with nuclear testing.

Because I am getting to the age where spending the entire winter in the midwest is akin to an annual prison sentence, I am in the lovely Phoenix, Arizona area this week.  After a few days, I am slightly amazed that people would bother to live with midwest winters when weather like this exists elsewhere.   Of course, I’ve never been here in summer, so there is that.   Also scorpions, tarantulas and rattle snakes….

..But moving on.

On the four hour flight here, I had nothing to do and, obviously, no music equipment with me.   It finally gave me the time to focus on using the iPad Pro I purchased to make music.  I’ve mainly been using it as a media consumption and note taking device, but that was definitely not it’s intended use.  Months ago, I’d had an epiphany with the workflow on my old iPad, but found myself stifled by its realtively weak processing power (It was pretty old).  My hope was that the new one with the pen could fix that.

I am glad to report that it has definitely done that!  I basically just do what I want on this one and don’t worry about it, having yet to push it into a crash yet.  I’ve mainly been working with Beatmaker 3 and Korg Gadget.

One thing that makes creating music on the iPad Pro so much more enjoyable than the old one has to be the pen (and I know Steve Jobs corpse twitches every time someone says that).  It allows me to make much more precise entries than my fat fingers alowed, and to draw very nice control curves.  Whilte it aggrevates my dysgraphia a little bit (google that for yourself), in an integrated environment like Gadget or Beatmaker, it just lets you fly around doing what needs to be done.   While I feel a little constrained working without a keyboard, I’m getting along better than I thought I would with just the pen.

It’s kind of nice having a servicable sketch-pad studio I can carry to the pool and play with on vacation.

Speaking of the pool, the hot tub is calling.

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