Modules for 2019

This post is more for me, just to keep track of modules I’m interested in for the next year.   One thing you may notice, is that I tend to go after modules that have been around a while already.  I don’t like to get caught up in the hype machine that seems to swirl around each product release, and prefer to wait till I’ve seen some videos of its operation in the wild before I purchase.

New Stuff

These modules are recent releases or ones that have not been released yet, but I am keeping tabs on.

Mutable Instruments
– Marbles
– Stages
– Frames

Hex Inverter
– Mindphaser Osciallator


Stuff I had and I am sorry I let go.

Pittsburgh Modular
– Timetable

Malekko Heavy Industry
– Borg 1
– Borg 2


Pieces I have the prior version of.

Industrial Music Electronics
– Piston Honda MK III
– Hertz Donut MK III

– Rubicon V2

Mutable Instruments
– Tides V2

This is not a finished post.  It will be updated continually throught the year as new modules come out or I get stuff off the list.

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