(If you are one of my contributors, please do not take this as any sort of slight.   I am not trying to diminish your contributions…but rather express my need for more of that)

I’ve decided that NoiseTheorem needs something more than the on again / off again contributions of random persons.  I need to find someone who would like to be a part of this project as part of their own artistic exploration and vision, and not just as ‘hey, yeah..that could be fun’.  I need to find someone who wants to be a part of this and have their name on it.

In my vision, this person would fit the following description and have the listed skills:

  1. They would be able to sing, mainly choral sorts of things.  This isn’t going to be pop music, after all.   On this note, they’d also be able to wing it and come up with stuff on their own.   They wouldn’t be afraid to be a little weird and silly with their voice. Their microphone technique would be superb (kinda kidding, but not really)
  2. They’d be into the weird sort of ambient electronic industrial mish mash of sounds. They’d like the idea of running around a forest preserve or a construction site with a field recorder and collecting.
  3. They have two fully functiong ear systems, to counter the deficit I face
  4. They’d live somewhat locally, be able to get together about once a month at least, but would also have some capability to do recording on their own that they could send me.
  5. They’d have ideas that we could run with so I’m not stuck always being the idea person.
  6. In my mind, this is a female vocalist, but that’s not at all required.
  7. They can play some sort of instrument (guitar, bass, tambourine, glockenspiel….something we can add to the mix of talents).
  8. They’d be interested in possibly performing live if the opportunity presented itself.

Now the problem is actually *finding* some human like that in the great conservative creative desert that is the NW suburbs of Chicago.  I’m posting this to my blog because I honestly don’t know where I could find an individual to help out.  Everyone seems either to far away, or lacks the emotional bandwidth to contribute and commit at the level I’m asking.

So what to do?

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