You know what really burns me?  When I have a very clear vision of what I want to do with a piece, but I can’t because I either lack some element that is required.   In the case of my current piece, I need about…7 human beings willing to let me record them saying various phases or telling me storries.

I know what you’re thinking: crowdsource.  Exploit your social network.  See who’d be willing the help out.

Well, you see, I have thought of that and tried.   The problem is most of my social network lives quite far away and/or just doesn’t have the time to contribute.  Its fucking annoying.

This is one of the problems I have with the relative geographic isolation I feel in the place that I live (Chicago NW suburbs).   This is not a place may creatives call home.  In fact, this is a place of accountants and soccer moms.  People who are fine in their own right, but their only exposure to creativity is when their 6 year old brings home some mutilated santa ornament from kindergarten.  While I find nothing wrong with that, It does make it difficult to find people to talk to  when creativity is the driver of your life.

<<long sigh>>….oh well.  For now, I guess I’ll put this track in the can until I think of another idea for it, or find some willing participants.


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