Moving On

The Virus is Analogue Keys is gone.   The Radias, too.  The virus is in a box waiting to be shipped.   The hardware is all disappearing.  I even sold my MacBook, since the iMac is fine and my job bought me a laptop that’s completely servicable.

Stands, cases and cables are next.  I also have a mountain of software, some of which I can’t remember the last time I used.   It’s a lot to go through and parse out.

But I feel good about it.  I really actually do.

Letting go of all of this stuff is like letting go of a huge chain I’ve been dragging around for years.  It’s been slowing me down, honestly.   I spent more time in the last few years trying to figure out the perfect way to hook it all up than I have actually using it and creating music.  If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

So its good to see all this stuff go, in a way.  Good to see change happening.  Good to finally feeling good about moving on from all of that and letting it go.  It’s a good year for letting go.

Off to the UPS store.

2 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. I read your post and I found it very interesting

    If you are selling all the hardware, are you just moving to ITB?

    Will you be using Reason only?


    1. I will still have some really powerful hardware. My Korg Kronos, Elektron Octatrack, MPC Live and extensive modular system aren’t going anywhere. I won’t be going 100% ITB.

      In addition to Reason, I also use Live and Logic to varying degrees. It seems to depend on the nature of the project I’m working on.


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