Eurorack Module Reviews Project

As a little writing exercise, I’ve decided to underake writing reviews for all of the modules I currently have in my eurorack rig, and for any modules which I acquire in the future.  This is mainly for my own practice writing, but also because I think some will find it useful.

My little rig.

What to expect from my reviews:

  1. They will be highly, highly subjective.  Expect to disagree with me.
  2. I will not be hooking them up to a scope and going ga ga over the purity of their sine wave.  I care about the musical results I can get from a certain piece not about its technical achievement.
  3. I am, by nature, an asshole who can find flaws in anything.  You’re going to think I hate every module I touch, even though that is (oviously) not the case

In the next couple days, I’ll start writing them and then start publishing them as I finish them.  As I do, I’ll update this page with links to all of the reviews.  This will make it easy for anyone looking to find them.


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