Octatrack (mk1) cheat sheet

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while, so might as well now.

It seems that Elektron Octatrack was built with a built in neuralizer.  Despite having had it for years (almost since it came out) I can never seem to remember what combination of masochistic finger oragami I need to do in order to get to the parameters I want beyond some of the basics.   The manual for the OT is….just terrible, too, which doesn’t help (it’s a maze of partial explainations, and references to other parts of the manual that drive me bonkers).  I decided a while ago to compile a cheat-sheat of my own and post it here so it may help others.

Obviously, the list of functions below is not nearly complete.  I’m going to document it as I go and look for things so I an avoid the manual in the future.   I also plan to do this with other pieces of gear that seem equaly inscruitable.  I hope this is helpful.

To be honest, with as difficult as it is to use, I am amazed at how much I love the Octatrack.  I haven’t really even considered upgrading to the MKII (Though if a deal crosses my desk, it would be hard not to add one).  But I do, I love the thing.  It’s one of the enduring keepers in my studio.

Octatrack cheat sheet (in no particular order):
[name] = single tap
{name} = double tap
+ = press both together
(name) = hold button
<name> = knob turn
[RECORD] – enters grid record mode
[PLAY] – plays the current pattern
[RECORD]+[PLAY] – real time record mode
Record Triggers:
– Activate Grid Record
– Press [FUNCTION] + [BANK]
– Arrow down to record triggers and set what you want
– (optional) To make them ‘one time’ triggers press [FUNCTION]+[TRIGGER]. The step  LED will turn yellow.
– Press [NO] to go back to main screen
– Press [YES] to arm recording

– Press [Play]

Accessing Trigger Conditions:
– Activate Grid Record
– Press and hold the trigger you want to set a condition for
– Press the < or > arrow to bring up the micro timing display
– The Level knob sets the trigger conditon
– [UP] and [Down] set the number of triggers
– [<] and shift the trigger on the grid

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