Elektron Analog Keys

I got Analog Keys in trade for my V-Synth GT plus some cash. Kind of did it knowing I could always flip the AKeys for a good value.  But, now that I’ve played with it a bit, I think I’ll keep it for a bit.

Having the keyboard attached makes all the difference. And the layout of the controls makes a lot of sense. My only wish, really, were that the display would be larger and that there were a more sophisticated synthesizer engine (if only it had the LFO designer from the Octatrack…). My other grip is the Elektron 4-bar pattern limitation. Conditional triggers help with this a little…but sometimes I like to develop things over an 8 or 16 bar pattern. There are ways to get that, since for my style of music 8th notes is usually sufficient resolution, but still…I’d rather not have the hacks.
All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. It’s not integrated with the rig, but I already have a piece that I started writing on it. I haven’t decided which to move next it first: MPC, DIgitact, Octatrack or the Deluge. All of them would have an interesting place next to it. l’ll detail that decision in a post later today.
I really can’t emphasize enough how much I love the control and button layout.   Having the track selection and mutes on the left with the editing controls on the right is *perfect* for playing (unless you’re left handed…then you may hate it).  The modulation stick is nice, though I wish it wasn’t spring loaded in all directions, though I guess for that kind of modulation there is the performance macros.
Basically, everything about this instrument just makes more sense in this format than the desktop brick format I had before.  She may be a keeper (well, at least until the MKII gets released…if that ever does happen).

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