Weekend update

Lots of little things I’d like to unpack here…

1. Reason 10. I love it. Absolutely love it. I’m digging it to the point that my hardware studio is starting to suddenly feel like a giant white elephant. I’m feeling rather stupid for my recent investments in hardware since I am just *not* using them. The new instruments Propeller heads added, Plus a few of RE’s Ive added recently, have displaced most of my hardware. My modular is still, obviously, relevant as is my Kronos, but my Virus, V-Synth and, yes, even the DSI instruments feel a bit…limited and inconvenient by comparison. I don’t even know why I have the Octatrack, Digitakt or MPC other than for a possibly live setup I may need to put together next year. Its a weird, weird feeling for me, who was always so anti-software for so long.

2. A big part of number one is my iMac. I don’t at all regret paying the extra for that 5k screen. It makes *all* the difference. The screen geometry is Perfect for Reason and other software instruments. Even though this iMac is a few years old already, and its not even fully maxed with RAM, it’s lightyears ahead of anything I’ve ever used. I could easily see it going another 2 or three years as the center of my studio.

3. The EP has a title, and even a possible cover. I’m going to try to do as much as I can myself since I believe that creatives should be paid for their work and I have zero budget for a graphic designer. Yes, my presentation will probably suffer….but for some reason I also feel like I *have* to DIY this one. Just once.

4. I’ve found a place I can do a short run of CD’s at a reasonable price….so I’ll be doing a short run of physical media for the new EP. A few people have asked for physical media of Dust and…maybe. That album is going on 5 years, so it’s probably not something I’d do with an eye of making a profit (and, really, if you’re in this genre of music and you’re looking for profit, you’re a fucking idiot).

5. Guitar. I kinda want a guitar. And some outboard FX to run it through. We know where this goes…

6. Bacon sandwiches are amazing.

7. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

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