An odd thing happened…

Over this last week, I started writing a song…just a simple one. I had no title for it, but I immediately recognized in it that it was the most ‘NoiseTheorem’ thing I’d written in a long time. It was coming along very well, and I really liked where it was going.

Then, yesterday morning, something happened.

I was talking to a friend about the new song, and I realized that elements of it reminded me of another song I’d done…and another. Both of those songs were very ‘NoiseTheorem’ tracks, but also tracks that I’d left in the can because I couldn’t imagine coming up with material they would fit with both sonically and thematically. In fact, those first two are still very different sorts of tracks for me. Somehow, though, the third one tied it all together!

So, now, suddenly, I have almost a 30 minute EP done. I’ve got a title for it, and a cover concept (in my head, anyway…need to find a designer to work with).

Where NoiseTheorem sits on the border between Industrial and Ambient music, this EP is definitely falling more on the Ambient side of things…kind of. I actually think that it’s just like ‘Dust’, but the industrial and ambient elements are just that much more embedded into each other, blending more seamlessly.

I’m not going to announce the title till I have a cover, and I’d like to see if I can keep the momentum going and add another fragment of a track thats running through my mind. Also, I think I’ll hold the release at least until January after the holiday bullshit is all over (I don’t exactly see what I do as xmas music…).

So I have an EP in the works…it kinda snuck up on me, but I’m not going to complain!

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