The only winning move is not to play

I am taking a break from the ‘death by a thousand annoying paper cuts’ that is facebook. My goal is to focus more on instagram, my blog and real friendships (remember those?) and put as little as possible into that festering shit-bag called facebook.

Someone suggested I get a journal. Well, this is it. With that, I’ll be expanding its content beyond music and NoiseTheorem into pretty much whatever I god damn well feel like posting.

Facebook, imho, is bad..or at least it’s bad for me. It replaces real friendship with a digital farce. Knowing what someone is up to or what their online persona is isn’t really knowing them.

This became very apparent to me at the recent ColdWaves festival in Chicago (If you were there, I was the guy wearing the ‘No, I will not sell you cocaine’ t-shirt). There were many people I saw there that I knew on facebook and interacted with. Perhaps it was my baseline social anxiety, but I couldn’t approach these people or hang with them. It felt too weird – like I was violating the 4rth wall in a way that was unpleasant to my person. I didn’t like that feeling, and I want to get rid of it.

And in that, the seeds of my facebook hiatus were planted. Ill still be updating my NoiseTheorem page and, via instagram, making one picture post a day without caption or title that shows whats going on in my life. Its an interesting little experiment, I think. My goal is to return there January 1, 2018…if I feel like doing so at the time.

I’m hoping to gain back a lot of my time that has slowly gotten sucked into posting to and keeping track of what’s going on in social media land. That can only be a good thing.

So it’s off to work. wheeeeeeeee.

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