Your criticism is valid

For me, seeing how an artist creates something is very interesting. In the case of music, getting to listen to the intermediate versions and early mixes really gets me thinking about my own creative process. For that reason, I often like to share things I’ve created that I don’t yet consider done. I like to get the feedback, even if it’s only as much as “I like it” or “Nice beat, I give it a 7”. Criticism as unsophisticated and ham fisted as “it’s shit, give up.” is also useful because, sometimes that’ is absolutely accurate and true.
I am, however, selective in who I choose to share with. If you get a link from me asking for a listen it’s because I care about your opinions on music, art, whatever. You may not be a fan of the style of music I create, but I don’t ask that you be. I’m looking for your outsiders opinion.
Anyway, I thank you for listening. I’m feeling like I got my groove back a little bit, so expect some more stuff to come.
I’m not going to say I’m working on an album, because that creates a certain artistic pressure to create. I’m just going to do it one song at a time for a while and see if I end up with something listenable.

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