A series of thoughts

1 – I wish EMU hadn’t been purchased by Creative Labs and had continued to make hardware samplers. I’d love to see what a modern Emulator would be like with all the advances in CPU and processing power. What would their octatrack or MPC Live be like?

2 – There is a whole in my workflow that I need to fill. I get a few parts put together in the hardware and I play around with it…but recording it feels like such a god damn chore. Taking it to that next step in the process feels…ugly. Need to think on this.

3 – I’m building a fire pit in my back yard. Fire good.

4 – I recently was recording a thunderstorm when I realized it had started to hail. My car was in the driveway getting pelted by the hail, and I had to rush out to the garage, move a bunch of woodworking tools, and then run out in the pouring rain and hail to get my car out of it. I recorded all of this. It needs to be a song.

5 – As soon as I think about selling the Roland V-Synth GT, I start playing with it and realize why that would be a terrible idea.

6 – I don’t want to sell my Virus TI2 Dark Start when I’m not playing it, but when I do, I always feel like I should probably let it go. But I never do.

7 – The Korg Kronos is the shit.

8 – Drum machines rule.

9 – Roland gear is insufferably complex.

10 – I need a vacation.

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