Cleaning house.

A moment of Epiphany at KnobCon this weekend followed by a minor financial hiccup has moved me to clean house. The time has come to clear the deck a bit and get back to work.

Here is everything I have for sale. I’ll update as needed.

Novation UltraNova – $350

Eventide Modfactor – $200

Electro Music Works EMW300 Sequencer/controller – $400

Kurzweil K2500RS – $350

DrumKat 3.5 – $250 (new FSR!)

If you’re interested, send me a private message and we can discuss terms.

Roland JP8080 (mint) – $400 (SOLD)
EMU E6400 (128Mb RAM) – $200 (SOLD)
Yamaha QY700 – $300(SOLD)
Rodec Restyler – $400 (SOLD)
Korg SDD3000 pedal – $150 (SOLD)
Studio Electronics SE1 (rough looking, but works) – $400 (SOLD)
Akai MPC1000 (black) with pad upgrade + full memory – $350 (SOLD)

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