Ye Olde Crap Pile

In my studio, I have a stack of keyboards and modules I affectionately call ‘The Crap Pile’.  These are instruments that I usually acquired on a bargain because someone needed space, needed money, or just wanted to move on to something else.  A few of them are deeply sentimental instruments that I don’t use much, but can’t bear to part with (Korg Prophecy, I’m looking you).

Currently, this rig consists of a Yamaha QY700 sequencer (drunk e-bay purchase), Ensoniq ESQ-1 (bargain with a dead battery), Ensoniq EPS16 Plus (bargain curiosity), EMU E6400 (pure sentimentality) and Kurzweil K2600Rs (because sometimes I need to Kurzweil).  There are also a few peaces that made their way there from the actively used pile such as my Korg EMX1, Korg Prophecy, Novation UltraNova and my Akai MPC1000.

Looking at that, it’s a pretty damn powerful, if largely antiquated rig.  A copy of reason could easily handle *everything* that rig can do and then some (Reason, after all, has a mixer and FX).

Still..I can’t part with it, and I regularly think about setting it up as it’s own Island of Misfit toys.  I’ve got enough space in here to keep it all setup.  All I’d really need is a MIDI through switch and a mixer and it would be a nice place to go when I want to play in a more limited sand box.

Limitations spawn creativity, they say.  I’ve always been more of one for exploration among excess.   A change of place wouldn’t hurt.   Maybe some real good will spawn out of it.



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